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LDP 'Main Issues Report'

The MIR was the first formal stage in producing the West Lothian Local Development Plan. Its primary function was as a discussion document, to focus and stimulate debate. It set out what officers had identified as the key land use planning issues in West Lothian and invited comment on those issues that were changing from the adopted West Lothian Local Plan (2009). The MIR identified a preferred option and a reasonable alternative and was informed by a sound evidence base. It was also important for aligning development planning with the Strategic Environmental Assessment.

The MIR was reported to and approved for consultation by the Council Executive on 19 June 2014.

In terms of plan preparation, the MIR was the principal vehicle for engaging and consulting with stakeholders and the public on the content of the new plan. The consultation period ran for a period of eight weeks between 25 August and 17 October 2014 and council officers organised and participated in a number of public events across West Lothian. 

254 representations were received in response to the consultation and these were systematically assessed and reported to the council's Development and Transport Policy Development and Scrutiny Panel on 23 April 2015. Officers reviewed the submissions, prepared responses, and drawing on the feedback, they helped inform the next key stage in the process, the production of the Proposed Plan. 

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The council received 254 responses to the MIR consultation from interested parties.