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Hillhouse Woodland

Hillhouse Woodland is located in the north section of Beecraigs Country Park, near the ancient town of Linlithgow. The site is a woodland landscape which has a 1.2 mile multi-user surfaced footpath designed to provide easy access to this precious piece of countryside.

Hillhouse Woodland
The south entrance of Hillhouse Woodland can be accessed via a gate to the north of the Beecraigs Visitor Centre. This entrance also offers a fantastic view of the Firth of Forth and the surrounding farmland. Hillhouse is situated on the hillside overlooking Linlithgow and the area once comprised of farmland which was used to harvest silage.

However, to the end of the 1990's it was planted, transforming it into the managed woodland that stands today. In the past the local area was widely quarried and mined for limestone to produce quicklime to fertilize the farmland that was present during that period. As a result, the remains of quarries and cave systems can be found throughout Hillhouse. One of the most significant features of the site is the open stretch of grassland at the middle of Hillhouse which provides a stunning vantage point of the surrounding picturesque landscape.

From this location you can see across the Forth Estuary in the east, as well as the mountains past Stirling in the west. The main surfaced footpath in the area was laid in 2013 as part of plans to improve access within West Lothian's Country Parks. However, the area also offers unsurfaced routes which facilitate exploration deeper into the woodland environment. Hillhouse is ideal for recreational activities such as walking, running and cycling and is well serviced with a variety of amenities at Beecraigs Visitor Centre.