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Alcohol and Drug Misuse

Problems associated with alcohol and drug misuse can affect not only an employee's ability to work effectively, efficiently and safely, but can also create difficulties and distress in domestic and social life. As an employer, the council is concerned with the health, safety and welfare of its employees and others who may be affected by the actions of employees in the course of employment.

Below you will find the councils Policy on the Misuse of Alcohol, Drugs and Other Substances along with associated guidance.


Additional Guidance


Drug and Alcohol Testing

  • Alcohol and Drug Testing Management Protocols [1MB]
  • During normal Council office hours (Monday - Thursday 8.30am - 5pm; Friday 8.30am - 4pm) contact HR on 01506 282222 selecting option 4 to arrange any alcohol or drug testing where there is cause to suspect an employee is impaired at work
  • Out with these hours and during public holidays, please contact Customer Services Standby Manager on 07696276551 who will be able to provide the contact details to arrange alcohol or drug testing directly