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  • Time Off Work for Trade Union Duties and Activities (Adobe pdf documents)

    TU Time Policy West Lothian Council Time off for Trade Union Duties and Activities Policy Original approved by PP&R Cttee 22 April 1997 Revised October 2016 DAT...

  • Policy on Business Travel and Subsistence (Adobe pdf documents)

    West Lothian Council POLICY ON BUSINESS TRAVEL AND SUBSISTENCE Approved by PP&R Cttee 24 April 2007 Revised by Council Executive 22 March 2011 Reviewed April 20...

  • Substance Misuse Policy (Adobe pdf documents)

    Substance Misuse Policy West Lothian Council Policy on the Misuse of Alcohol and other Substances Revised December 2014 DATA LABEL: PUBLIC West Lothian Council ...

  • Severe Weather Policy (Adobe pdf documents)

    /Severe WeatherPolicy for Dealing with Disruptions to Normal Working Arrangements / Approved by Full Council 18 October 2011 /SEVERE WEATHERPOLICY FOR DEALING W...

  • Travel & Subsistence Own Vehicle use Authorisation Application (Microsoft Word)

    Leave for Family Care Purposes Policy & Procedure OWN VEHICLE USE AUTHORISATION APPLICATION (Authorisation to Use Private Vehicle on Council Business.) Please c...

  • Weekly Absence Return (Microsoft Excel Documents)

    Sickness Absence Only ssp detnumber sspfrstday ssplastday ssprea sspiirta sspdiscount Unit/Location Week Ending (Sunday) Name Number Start Date ^dd/mm/yyyy End ...

  • Overtime Claim Form (Microsoft Excel Documents)

    Overtime Form Overtime Claim Form Claim for Month Ending Employee Number Name Service Unit Note: Forms must include employee number and should be completed to t...

  • Sports & Social Club Application Form (Microsoft Word)

    Sports & Social Club Application Form Form

  • Agency Worker Record Form (Microsoft Word)

    Agency Worker Record Form Form Agency Workers

  • HMRC - Statutory Paternity Pay/Leave (Adobe pdf documents)

    HMRC - Statutory Paternity Pay/Leave Form Family Care

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