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Air source heat pumps

Before you install, alter or replace an air source heat pump you must apply to us to find out if the prior approval of the council is required.

You should not install the heat pump until:
  • we tell you in writing that prior approval (planning permission) is not required, or
  • the expiry of 28 days from the application being received by us without our giving notice that such approval is required, or
  • where we have given notice that prior approval is required for the details, the subsequent granting of that prior approval, by means of planning permission.
You are unlikely to need planning permission if all the following conditions are met:
  • there would be only a single air source heat pump within the curtilage of the dwelling, and
  • the air source heat pump would be situated at least 100 metres from the nearest neighbouring residential garden or property, and
  • if within a conservation area, the heat pump must not be visible from a road, and
  • the heat pump must not be sited within the curtilage of a listed building

Finally, any heat pump installed under this legislation is subject to the following conditions:

  • the heat pump must, as far as is reasonably practicable, be sited to minimise its effects on residential amenity, and
  • the heat pump must be used only for domestic microgeneration, and
  • when no longer needed or capable of domestic microgeneration, it must be removed.
Other important information

It is strongly advised that before you install an air source heat pump that you check with our Environmental Health service, regarding statutory nuisance legislation.

A building warrant may be required, irrespective of whether or not planning permission is needed.