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Other development in domestic gardens

Find out if you need planning permission for developments like ponds, swimming pools, oil and gas tanks, and flagpoles.

You will not require planning permission, provided that:

  • the structure is not positioned forward of the principal elevation (front) of your house, or forward of a side elevation that fronts a road;
  • the structure does not exceed three metres in height;
  • no part of the structure which is within one metre of your boundary is over two and a half metres in height  
  • the area of ground covered by development (including the proposed development, any previous extensions to the house and any other buildings, but not the original house) in either the front or back garden is no more than half the area of that part of the garden.

You will need planning permission if your house is listed or is located in a conservation area or in the curtilage of a listed building. You will need planning permission if you live in a flat.

A building warrant might be required; we advise that you check before you start work.