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Alterations that do not enlarge your house

This class includes a range of alterations that do not increase the floor area of your house, such as rooflights, painting, window replacements, solar panels, flues, satellite dishes and solar photovoltaic (PV) or thermal equipment.

This class relates to some equipment or additions, and does not include any form of extension, or an alteration which increases the internal floorspace of your house.

You will not need planning permission, provided that:

  • the alteration does not protrude from any outer wall or any part of the roof by more than one metre
  • it is not a wind turbine
  • it would not result in the creation of a balcony
  • it does not result in a platform or terrace if located on the roof
  • if it is a flue from a wood-burning stove, your house is not within an Air Quality Management Area.

You will need planning permission if you live in a listed building or conservation area.

A building warrant may be required for some of these works.