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Access ramps

The construction of a ramp up to an external door of your house.

You will not need planning permission, provided that:

  • the overall length of the ramp, including any landings, does not exceed 9 metres
  • the length of the ramp without landings, (i.e. only the sloping part) does not exceed 5 metres
  • the highest part of the ramp (excluding any railings, fence etc) is not more than 0.4 metres above ground level
  • the combined height of the ramp and any balustrade, fence or handrail attached to it is no higher than 1.5 metres.

If the ground level is not even, measurements should be taken from the lowest point immediately adjacent to the extension.

You will need planning permission if you live in a listed building or a conservation area.

You will probably need a building warrant; we advise that you check before you start work.