Single storey ground floor extensions (including conservatories)

A single storey extension to a house, such as a conservatory, sun room or other additional rooms, or an attached garage, carport or canopy, will not need planning permission if:

  • no part of the extension is in front of the principal (front) or side elevation of your house if that elevation fronts a road.  (To clarify - if the extension is to be on the front or side elevation it will be permitted development if that elevation does not front a road; but please note that the definition of a road for this purpose includes a footpath which is separate from a road used by vehicles if there is a public right of way over the footpath.)
  • the extension does not project more than four metres (or three metres if your house is in a terrace) from the rear wall of your house if it is within one metre of the property boundary
  • the height to the eaves of the extension is no greater than 3 metres
  • no part of the extension is more than four metres high
  • the area of ground covered by the extension is no more than that covered by the original house; and
  • the area of ground covered by development (including the proposed extension, any previous extensions and any other buildings or hardstanding, but not the original house) in either the front or back garden is no more than half the area of that part of the garden.

You will need planning permission if your house is located in a conservation area, and listed building consent if your house is listed.

It is likely that you will require a building warrant; we would advise that you check before you start work.

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