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West Lothian Assessment Model (WLAM)

West Lothian Assessment Model (WLAM) is the council's self-assessment programme that services undertake to ensure that they continue to provide high quality, value for money services to the people and local communities in West Lothian.

This helps services to challenge and improve performance.   The WLAM recognises that there is always a way to make better and more efficient services for people we serve, balancing quality of service provision with value for money. As a result of this commitment, our services are some of the highest performing in Scotland. 

Service will assess using evidence, performance information and feedback from customers, partners, stakeholders and employees, to answer a set of questions or statements, in order to identify:

  • The way that services are delivered;
  • How they are performing in key results and outcomes;
  • How change is managed; and
  • The way services prepare for the future. 

Self assessment is an important part of the council's improvement strategy, as it encourages innovation from within and involves our strongest asset in the process, our people.