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SCH 802 - SD Travel

Standhill, Birniehill, Falside and Lower Bathville to Armadale Academy


SD Travel


Armadale Academy

Important Information

Times and Stop Information

TimeStop ID and Description
8.00 AMNew Stop Stand, Standhill at Inch cross
8.03 AMB113 Whitburn Road at Birniehill
8.05 AMB110 Whitburn Road at Whiteside
8.07 AMB108 Whitburn Road before Meadow park Road
8.08 AMB105 Menzies Road opposite Gardner s Lane
8.10 AMB028 Glasgow road at Bridgend Park
8.12 AMB127 Hardhill Road at Boghead Cemetery
8.15 AMB119 Hardhill Road at Boghead Crescent 
8.19 AMAB03 Lower Bathville opposite Watt Avenue

Please note that the times and stops detailed above are the main timing points, however buses may stop at additional bus stops along this route.