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This section provides current information on housing developments and consultations.

Rent Level 2018 - 2023

In 2017 all tenants were given the opportunity to vote for, and give their views on the options for the annual rent increase from 2018 to 2023. The Council ran local drop-in sessions and an online campaign to provide tenants with as many opportunities to respond as possible. The Council received the best ever response to a rent consultation, with 1,192* surveys returned. The results are available here - Icon for pdf Rent Consultation results [241.7KB].

You can see from the results that most who voted chose Option 1 - a 3% increase over five years to 2022/23. At the budget meeting in February 2018, the Council considered the results of the survey and agreed to increase the rents in accordance with the most popular option chosen by tenants, Option  1. This increase is enabling investment in the existing houses, whilst also supporting the investment in the supply of new council homes. Included in the survey response card we asked three questions that we wanted your views on. Out of the 1,192 responses returned, some had to be discounted either because the questions were left blank or no clear answer was given. As you can see from the responses received, a significant majority of tenants said "Yes" to each question, giving us valuable information which we will use when considering further future plans and developments.

In March 2021, you would have received a letter detailing your 3% increase to rent costs for the financial year 2021/2022. For example, if you have a mainstream tenancy you would have received this Icon for pdf rent notice letter [83.87KB]. Tenants of temporary tenancies and garages will have received similar notice letters.

At the budget meeting in February 2022, the Council agreed a 3% rent increase for 2022/23. You will receive a new rent notice letter in March 2022 detailing your new rent amount.

Where does your rent money go?

The Council is committed to providing tenants with a good value for money service and we show below just how your rent money is being spent. Rent money is used to fund the repair service, improvements to council homes and new-build projects. It is therefore very important that tenants pay their rent to ensure the council is able to deliver these vital service. In 2020/21, we reported that;

  • 43p in every pound collected was being spent Planned Investment on tenants' homes,
  • 30p in every pound collected was being spent on Repairs and Maintenance,
  • 9p on Employee costs,
  • 6p on Suppliers & Services
  • 5p on Support Services,
  • 4p on Voids & bad debt, and
  • 3p on Premise costs.

If you have any further queries or views you would like to express on your rent, you can tell us what you think by emailing or by Contacting the Council.

You can also find more information on housing services by visiting housing page.


West Lothian Council and partners have drafted the first Rapid Rehousing Transition Plan (RRTP) for West Lothian. This is a document which we are required to produce for the Scottish Government and which demonstrates that we have identified the main homeless issues in West Lothian .

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