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Vehicles Obstructing Access to Property

The police are responsible for enforcing legislation relating to parking across driveways and entrances.

Vehicle causing obstruction

If the vehicle is causing an obstruction you should contact your local police station. Under normal circumstances this will not be regarded as an emergency and so it might take some time for the police to get there. In the meantime, some local enquiries with neighbours may help to trace the owner of the vehicle.

Regular Occurrence

The council can provide a white road marking, called an access protection marking, in circumstances where there is a regular occurrence of obstruction caused by drivers who are unfamiliar with the area.

Typically, there needs to be a facility which attracts traffic in the vicinity of your home (such as a school, shopping centre or health centre) before a marking will be considered. The marking has no legal significance and is purely intended to alert unfamiliar drivers of the presence of a driveway.

The council will not provide markings where the problem is caused by other residents in the street or where the problem is infrequent.

How to apply for access protection marking

If you would like to apply for an access protection marking, please contact the Road Safety and Traffic Management Team through customer services on 01506 280000.