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Remembering Together - West Lothian

Bespoke Atelier is working with West Lothian Council on Remembering Together, an initiative created to encourage communities across Scotland to reflect and share their experiences of Covid-19.

If you would like to be involved, we have prepared a few interactive questions to gather a sense
of how you were affected by the pandemic we experienced.

Please take part in as little or as many of the questions below, your individual responses are confidential and you will not be identified personally.

To answer the questions, please use the links below

If you would like to know more please contact us by email at:

Thank you for taking part!

What did the Covid pandemic make you appreciate?

Covid Survey Image 1

Even though the pandemic is a scary and strange experience for everyone, did it make you
appreciate something even more? This could be something about your local area, a part of
"normal" life you miss, or maybe a hobby you picked up!

To answer please use the link below:

Where was your safe space during the Covid pandemic?

Covid Survey Image 2

During the Covid pandemic, our homes and local areas were more important than ever. Did you
have a room in your house, a seat in your garden or a park near you which made you feel good?
We would love to hear about your safe space

To answer please use the link below:

What did you do / see outside of your window when isolating?

Covid Survey Image 3

When isolating, we have to spend a lot of time indoors, looking out of our windows, sometimes
our only way to interact with the outside. 

To answer please use the link below:

Which word best describes your experience throughout the Covid pandemic?

Covid Survey Image 4

The past few years have brought an intense mix of emotions for everyone. It is important for a
community to support those who want to reflect, remember and heal from these hard times.
Which word sums up your Covid experience the best? 

To answer please use the link below:

Remembering Together - public art walk

Remembering Together is offering free local walks as part of the West Lothian project, the first in the series is now available for booking on Eventbrite.

Join us for a guided walk around Bathgate visiting the stunning flowers by artist Martin Heron on Wednesday 12 September from 12noon to 2pm.

This is the first of a series of themed walks to hear everyone's personal story during the Covid pandemic and brainstorm on what a memorial could be.

We will be taking a walk to visit the four sites of Martin Heron's artwork In Full Bloom. On our walk we will pause and sketch the environment around us. Sketching on location doesn't require any drawing experience and we will be guiding participants with warm up exercises and basic sketching methods. We will provide clipboards, paper and pencils but please feel free to bring your own tools.

During our walk we will be chatting about how the Covid pandemic has affected us and what kind of memorial we could create for the community of West Lothian to remember the people we have lost.

Please feel free to bring a pack lunch with you.

The walk will be guided by Marion Parola (Bespoke Atelier) and Camille Archer (WLC).

Register for the Remembering Together, Art Walk, The Language of Flowers