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Revaluation Transitional Relief

If your daily gross rates liability has increased due to revaluation you may be eligible for transitional relief.

A Revaluation, where the values of all properties are reviewed, has been carried out with all values effective from 1 April 2023.

If you want to appeal against your rateable value or have any questions about it, please contact the Assessor for the Lothian Valuation Joint Board at

Increases in Rateable Value

Increases in rates liabilities due to revaluation will be capped in 2024/25, in cash terms (relative to 31 March 2023), at:

  • 25% for small properties (rateable value up to and including £20,000)
  • 50% for medium-sized properties (rateable value from £20,001 up to and including £100,000), and
  • 75% for large properties (rateable value over £100,000).

Subsidy Control

It is unlikely that this relief would be considered a subsidy as it is a general measure.

How to apply

An application for this relief is not required. If you are eligible for relief it will be awarded automatically and will be detailed on your rates bill.