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Find out what schools in West Lothian are doing to combat climate change


The Eco Schools programme is a process and an award scheme with Bronze, Silver and Green levels, whereby schools work towards increasing pupil participation in taking responsibility for the school environment. Pupils and staff form an Eco-Committee to encourage the whole school to address areas of concern and have an Action Day when their successes can be highlighted.

The Bronze and Silver Awards are self-assessed by the schools over the Internet. For the Green Flag Award, assessors visit the school, after their application document has been submitted, and the school's merits are judged. The Green Flag Award is the highest award achievable and only valid for two years.

Scottish Schools registered under the Eco-School project have support from the Scottish Executive. In England, schools under the same project do not get any support from their government, whether local or national.

Topics covered with the Eco School's Programme include:

  • Litter
  • Waste Minimisation
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Transport
  • Healthy Living
  • School Grounds

The Eco Schools process is holistic. It works by involving the whole school - pupils, teachers, non-teaching staff and governors - together with members of the local community - parents, the local authority, the media and local businesses. It will encourage teamwork and help to create a shared understanding of what it takes to run a school in a way that respects and enhances the environment. Eco Schools offer any school which wishes to become involved:

  • an opportunity to make environmental issues a part of the life of the school
  • an opportunity to help develop young people's decision-making skills
  • curriculum materials and ideas for projects and events
  • access to a network of support agencies
  • links with other schools in the UK and Europe
  • a prestigious award
  • opportunities for local and national publicity
  • potential for financial savings

This programme requires:

  • the support of the Head Teacher
  • a willingness to involve pupils in decision-making and action at every stage
  • active involvement of staff and the wider school community
  • a willingness to take action to instigate long-term change

Throughout West Lothian there are 55 schools involved in the Eco School's Programme, with various schools having received Eco School Awards.

Young Reporters for the Environment

Young Reporters Scotland (YRS) is part of an international initiative which empowers and encourages young people to investigate and report on environmental concerns and issues of sustainable development.

For more information and to get involved, visit Young Reporters for the Environment (opens new window).