Litter Bins

Find a litter bin near you!

There are almost 2000 litter bins in West Lothian, yet some people still think its OK to throw their rubbish on the ground, out the car window, over a hedge or leave it perched neatly in the corner of the bus stop. All of these are littering and all can carry an on the spot fine of £80.

Litter Bins in West Lothian are marked on this interactive map * You could use it to -

  • Check out where the nearest bins in your area are.
  • Check for bins in advance if you are going somewhere new, so if there's not one around you can take a rubbish bag with you and bring your litter home.
  • Plan your dog walk to make sure you pass one. Remember its fine to put dog waste in a normal litter bin, it doesn't need to be a specific dog waste bin.

*Please note this map is in the process of being updated.

If you know of an area you think would benefit from a bin, you can request one by contacting customer services at Requests will be evaluated by the Street Cleansing Team to ensure that the criteria set out in the Litter Bin Plan for new litter bins is met.


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