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Healthy Eating

In Scotland, eating habits are the second major cause, after smoking, of poor health. The national diet contributes to a range of serious illnesses which include coronary heart disease, certain cancers, strokes, osteoporosis and diabetes.

With so much conflicting information out there, it is easy to become confused about healthy eating. This section is therefore designed for employees who want to find out more about healthy eating based on the latest scientific research and the UK government recommendations for the general population

Eatwell Guide

The Eatwell Guide [10MB] help us make informed choices about the foods, drinks and dietary patterns that promote good health.

The Guide shows the different types of foods and drinks we should consume - and in what proportions - to have a healthy, balanced diet.

The following video podcasts, looks at the key messages in the Eatwell Guide and provides some top tips to help you put these into practice.

Eatwell Guide Podcast (opens new window)