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Tree Preservation Order : TPO (No.1) 2021 - Birrell Gardens & Bankton Terrace, Livingston

NB: This consultation is now closed. 

TPO (No.1) 2021  (Birrell Gardens & Bankton Terrace, Livingston) took effect on 13 May 2021. From this date onwards any proposed works to limb, prune, damage or fell any trees therein will require a Tree Works application to be made through the council's planning portal at: Tree Works

The TPO document includes a location plan (page 12) which identifies the area to which this new TPO applies. The legal order cites the protected trees and identifies a range of legal constraints which relate to them including prohibited acts, exemptions, and, directions as to replanting.

Written objections and representations to the Order must be made in writing, stating the grounds on which they are made and sent to:

The Chief Solicitor, West Lothian Council, West Lothian Civic Centre, Howden South Road, Livingston EH54 6FF.

Alternatively, they can be emailed to;