Headstone Stabilisation Inspection Programme

As part of the programme to ensure that cemeteries remain safe for both visitors and employees, West Lothian Council Cemeteries service and their appointed contractor will be carrying out stability inspections and repair of headstones in the following cemeteries in 2022 although some minor repairs may take place in other cemeteries:


  • Glasgow Road - Ongoing October 2022

Whilst headstones are the property of the lairholder, the council has an obligation to ensure that their cemeteries are safe. 

Where a headstone is found to be loose and is older than 10years, the council will undertake to stabilise them by laying them flat, pouring and /or fixing the foundation and remounting the headstone.  Headstones laid flat will be placed on a tyre to protect them.

Whilst we apologise for how this may appear, it is temporary and we will refix the headstone as soon as possible.

For headstones younger than 10 years we will approach the contractor who initially placed it, if they are still in business, and request them to stabilise the headstone.

Families who do not wish the council to undertake the work are at liberty to have the headstone repaired at their expense and we would request that you notify us if this course of action is undertaken.

It should be noted that during the course of inspection there will be a requirement to remove kerbs, fences, chips and other unauthorised memorials.  As these items are not permitted under the cemetery management rules, these will not be permitted to be replaced after the repair.  We would ask families to have these removed if they are on a family lair, however during the repair process they will be removed and laid at the end of the line for families to collect.  If they are not collected, they will be disposed of.  Vases, small ornaments etc, will be moved to allow the work to take place and be laid at the bottom of the lair.

Please note contact will not take place with individual lairholders during this process.

Unstable headstone pose a danger and the priority for the service during these works is the safety of visitors and employees.

In addition to this communication, signs will be displayed in the cemetery and work in progress will be visible, should you have any questions you should contact the service on 01506 282490.

Last Updated 10 October 2022

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