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CairnsMoir want to develop a pilot project for a 'Blackburn Book Club. It will be developed in partnership with Community Action Blackburn and based in the Blackburn Partnership Centre. The Book Club will provide a service to local families as well as organisations working with children and young people. It will provide a selection of books for both children and young people, and adults to help improve mental wellbeing and support them in helping to deal with everyday family life.

Over the last few years there has been a huge interest in Adverse Childhood Experiences - (ACES) and how the legacy of ACES can be seen throughout life. However, early adversity can be overcome. The Book Club will enable families to explore this further and access books that can provide knowledge and practical ways to improve family life. CairnsMoir are particularly keen to support individuals and families that were already vulnerable, who may have experienced early trauma and/or have complex needs. Many of these families will be finding life even more difficult due to changes caused by COVID-19.

The programme will benefit participants in a number of ways;

  • By providing a selection of 20 books for children and young people to help them deal with difficult feelings and experiences
  • By providing a selection of 15 books for adults to support their mental health and wellbeing, and provide practical techniques and activities that can be useful in every day family life
  • The project will also be a resource for the organisations that support children and families in Blackburn.

The Book Club will be based in the Blackburn Partnership Centre.

Amount: £4220


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