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'The Blackburn Oscars' - Screen Memories

"The Blackburn Oscars" is a project about film, film stars and cinema and is aimed at older residents especially those who are living with dementia or other memory problems, those who are lonely or socially isolated and those who may have long-term medical conditions as well as school pupils living in the Blackburn area interested in getting to know their older neighbours and the issues that they face. The project will work with older people and school students in Blackburn over a period of time to cumulate in a Gala Event in the Partnership Centre where local people can celebrate the work that was done by staging Blackburn's own Night At The Oscars.

School pupils will be asked to volunteer to work with older residents to build up a 'picture' of the Golden Age of cinema in Blackburn by gathering information from both on line research and the memories and experiences of older people living in the village. The project will hopefully culminate in a Gala Event at the Blackburn Partnership Centre, or if that's not possible a virtual event.

The programme will have the following benefits;

  • Older residents will benefit from increased social interaction that will help to reduce feelings of social isolation and loneliness
  • Involvement in the project will benefit older people's mental wellbeing by stimulating positive memories, interests and experiences from their past thereby increasing their self-confidence and self-esteem and raising their mood.
  • School pupils will obtain a better understanding of the issues facing their older neighbours
  • Pupils will learn about classical films, actors and cinemas and get a better understanding of the social, economic and cultural history of the area in which they are growing up 
  • Involvement in the project will increase older and younger people's understanding of each other's lives and enhance cross generational relationships

Amount: £3650