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Uphall Conservation Area

NB: This consultation is now closed.

Uphall Conservation Area was designated in 1976 and is centred on the historic core of West Main Street, East Main Street and Ecclesmachan Road. West Lothian Council are proposing to change the boundary of the conservation area to focus on these historic streets.

The conservation area is an important factor in protecting Uphall's historic environment and heritage. The proposed changes to the Uphall Conservation Area will affect the areas included and removed from the conservation area.

It is important that the council gauges the views of the residents of Uphall in order to determine whether or not it should go ahead with the proposed changes. 

Public Survey

A public engagement survey was sent to all effected householders and was also available online

Map of Proposed Area Boundary (click to enlarge)

Uphall Conservation

 List of addresses, which would be excluded if the proposed boundary were adopted

Alexander Street2 - 12 (even), 26 - 36, Rosemont, 36A, 38 - 46 (even), 50, 54 - 62, 64EH52 5DB
East Main Street7 - 57 (odd), 58, 60, 63, 63A, 69/71, 73, 121EH52 5HZ
Ecclesmachan Road32 - 39EH52 6DB, EH52 6JB, EH52 6DA
Glebe Place1 - 6EH52 6EB
Howieson Green14 - 17EH52 6BW
Manse Park1 - 5EH52 6NX
West Main Street1 - 30, 37a - d, 39a, 39b, 70EH52 5DP
Kennedie Park1 - 20EH53 0RG
South Middleton50EH52 5GB
Wyndford Avenue1, 9, 11EH52 6DH

List of addresses, which would be included if the proposed boundary were adopted

Forkneuk Road4, 6EH52 6BL
Millbank Place1 - 19, 23, 27EH52 5DU

Advice for Owners in Conservation Areas 

The character of CAs can be compromised over time by numerous small alterations leading to a loss of historic character. Understanding the features which make an area characterful is important to achieving sympathetic maintenance and restoration. The Uphall Conservation Area 2018 leaflet provides advice to owners living within the conservation area.