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About our Winter Service

Our Winter Service normally operates from the last Thursday in October to the last Thursday in March. It is important to appreciate that it is not possible to treat all routes simultaneously.

The Council's Winter Service Policy

The Council`s Winter Service Policy has classified specific roads and footpaths within West Lothian as either a Primary or Secondary gritting route, not all roads and footpaths are gritted.

Secondary routes are further broken down into Levels 1, 2 and 3

We cannot treat every road or footpath, we just don't have the resources, so we must prioritise those that have been agreed with elected members.

Treatment of Routes

Where possible, we aim to treat, with grit, major roads and important bus routes prior to the formation of ice. We operate this service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when necessary. Once these primary routes have been treated, we treat secondary routes such as those in housing estates and rural areas. (Information in relation to the M8 and M9 motorway is detailed below).


We also deal with footways on a priority basis. In ice and snow conditions footways leading to schools, hospitals, health centres, shopping areas and where there is heavy pedestrian movement are treated first. Main routes to residential areas follow, with internal footways in housing areas being treated as resources permit.

In addition we provide over 2,000 grit bins, which are positioned throughout West Lothian for use by members of the public.

Winter Information

Service Standards - We will:

  • Publish our winter maintenance policy, including treatment priorities and level of service, each year prior to the start of winter maintenance operations (details of our winter maintenance policy are provided in a guidance note);
  • Carry out gritting and snow clearing operations on public roads and footpaths in accordance with published policy;
  • Provide new grit bins in streets which meet the required criteria; and
  • Fill grit bins on receipt of a request as resources allow, or following periods of severe weather.

Contact Details - For policy on route priorities, requests for new grit bin or refills, general information/comments on service provision - 01506 280000 (24 hour contact number)