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Registering a Still Birth

How to Register a Still Birth

What do I need to do first to register a Still Birth?

When a Still Birth occurs the parent(s) will be issued with a Certificate of Still Birth from the hospital or doctor.

Once you have received this certificate you can then register the Still Birth at any Registration Office in Scotland. (opens new window)

When and Where can I register a Still Birth?

A still birth should normally be registered within 21 days of its occurrence.

If the Still Birth took place in Scotland it can only be registered at any registration office in Scotland. (opens new window)

Book an Appointment

As of the 24 April 2017 you must book an appointment to register a still birth in any of our local registration offices.

To book an appointment you can either: 

  • call 01506 281897 or 01506 282914 between the hours of 9am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday (except Wednesday office opens at 10.00am)
  • email

Please be aware some of our offices are open plan and do not have access to private Registration rooms, if this is something you would prefer please contact us to advise you of where a private room would be available.

Who can register a Still Birth?

If the parents are married to each other, the mother or the father can register. If the parents are not married then they both need to attend for the fathers name to be recorded on the certificate.

Can I record the name of the baby at registration?

Yes if you wish to give the baby a name although it is not compulsory. You can also add a name at a later date.

Once the Still Birth is registered.

Once the still birth is registered the registrar will issue the following documents free of charge:

  • a certificate of registration of Still Birth (Form 8) to be given to the funeral director.

Can I get a extract of the Still Birth?

The registrar can issue an extract at the time of registration or within one month of registration free of charge.