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Early Learning & Childcare (Nursery & Childminder) for 2 Year Olds

Thank you for using the link from the on-line form submission proof or the auto-reply message for inbox, to access further information on 2 year old nursery places.  This page is updated as we pass each milestone in the annual process: 

If you are trying to find out what 2 year old Early Learning & Childcare (nursery & childminder) is, then please go to the Nursery for 2 year old's page for information on 2 year old qualifying criteria and how to apply. 

The information below provides 'accepted from', 'closing' and 'decision letter' dates and is specific for session 2023/2024:

We have detailed the information by date of birth ranges that (if an application qualifies) are eligible to attend for part or full of session 2023/2024. 

Once an application has qualified, the child's date of birth determines the earliest date they can start attending from.  Please expand 'the range your child was born in' below for specific dates that will apply to your child:

Important Note : If an application is not submitted for a 3 year old funded place, then when an allocated 2 year old funded placement finishes the child will not have a place to move onto.  Applications for 3 year old funded places are also accepted from a child's 2nd birthday, for more information on 3 year old Early Learning & Childcare (nursery & childminder) funded places and how to apply please go to the page on 3 and 4 Year old Nursery.