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Rural rate relief

Details of the conditions that need to be met to be awarded rural rate relief.

You may be entitled to a 100% reduction on your property if it is in an area included in our rural settlement list and is:

  • a general shop;
  • a post office;
  • a pub;
  • a hotel;
  • a petrol station; or
  • a food shop.

If the property is a pub, a hotel or a petrol station, the rateable value must not be more than £12,750. For small food shops, general shops and post offices, the rateable value must not be more than £8,500.

We may also award a 50% reduction if you have a different type of property which is still included in our settlement list. The rateable value of the property must not be more than £17,000. Also, your yearly turnover (before taking off things like tax) should not be more than £250,000, and we must be satisfied that the property is used for purposes that benefit the local community.

Please email us for an application form.