Holding Public Processions (Parades)

Every person organising a procession or parade has to give notice to the Council no later than 28 days before the event of their intention to hold a procession or parade. In exceptional circumstances the Council can dispense with this notice period.

The council will consider your notification and can make an order imposing conditions on the holding of the procession or in very limited circumstances can make an order prohibiting the holding of the procession.

What is a procession?

Under Section 62 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 any moving event held in a public place anywhere in Scotland can be considered a procession. There is no statutory definition of procession which means that the definition to be used is the commonly understood definition. In the Oxford Dictionary procession is defined as "a number of people or vehicles moving forward in an orderly fashion" and so can include parades, marches, rallies etc involving persons walking, running, cycling or in vehicles. Processions are not restricted to events taking place on a road or footpath.

The legislation provides an exemption to this in relation to funeral processions organised by a funeral director acting in the ordinary course of his business.

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