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Itinerant Metal Dealer's Licence

In terms of Section 32 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 itinerant metal dealers require to be licensed. The itinerant metal dealer's licensing scheme is administered by the Council's Licensing Team.

The Licensing Team is able to provide general guidance on the scheme but cannot assist you to complete your application form or provide legal advice on whether a licence is required. You should seek legal advice from a solicitor or advice centre if you are unsure as to whether you require a licence.

An itinerant metal dealer means:

a person who carries on a business which consists wholly or substantially of buying or selling for scrap:

  • metal articles that are old, broken, worn out or defaced; or
  • partly manufactured articles that are made wholly or partly from metal;
  • collects articles of either of these kinds by means of visits from place to place; and
  • disposes of such articles without causing them to be kept in a metal store or other premises (including disposing or giving custody of the articles to a person who keeps a metal store)