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Registration of Small Society Lotteries

Under the 2005 Act promoting or facilitating a lottery is illegal unless it is either (1) a licensed lottery, licensed by way of an operating licence from the Gambling Commission or (2) an exempt lottery under Schedule 11 of the 2005 Act, which includes "small society lotteries".

The impact of the Coronavirus (COVID -19) continues to have a significant impact on the processing of licence applications.

If you need to get in touch with the Licensing Team, please do so by email to the following address email enquiries will be prioritised and responded to on a priority/urgent basis.

In the meantime, applications for licences and permits should be posted along with cheques or postal orders for payment of any fee required and copies of all required supporting documentation to;

Licensing Team
West Lothian Council
Civic Centre
EH54 6FF

If you are unable to post your application and fee please contact the Licensing Team by email.

Please be aware that there will likely be delays in the processing of applications due to changes in working conditions due to the ongoing situation.

In relation to applications received for lottery registrations the most common type of lottery is a raffle.

To qualify as a small society lottery:

  1. the lottery must be promoted wholly on behalf of a "non-commercial society";  
  2. it must be a "small lottery"; and
  3. the other conditions of a small society lottery specified in Part 4 of the Gambling Act 2005 must be satisfied.

In order to qualify for this exemption, any non-commercial society promoting a small society lottery in West Lothian must, throughout the period during which the lottery is promoted, be registered with the Board.

If you are a non-commercial society and wish to promote a small lottery within West Lothian, you can apply to be registered with the Board.

Guidance issued by the Gambling Commission is also available in relation to fundraising with lotteries or raffles at events.

The Licensing Team is able to provide general guidance on the scheme but cannot assist you to complete your application form or provide legal advice on whether a registration is required. Applicants should consult the gambling licensing webpages for general guidance before making any application.

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