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Premises Licence Review

Under section 36 of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 any person can apply to the Board for review of a premises licence.

Please note that all the Licensing web pages are intended to guide you through licensing processes and they are not intended to summarise relatively complex areas of the law.

Review of a premises licence is a formal legal process that requires the time and involvement of the person who has applied for review and the licence holder. Any person considering applying for review of a premises licence is encouraged to read all of the information contained on this page before making an application. 

An application for review can only be made on prescribed legal grounds, these are:

  • that, having regard to the licensing objectives below or the licence holder is not a fit and proper person to be the holder of a premises licence
  • that one or more of the conditions to which the premises licence is subject has been breached; and/ or
  • any other ground relevant to one or more of the licensing objectives, 

these objectives are:

  • preventing crime and disorder
  • securing public safety
  • preventing public nuisance
  • protecting and improving public health
  • protecting children and young persons from harm

You can find further information regarding how to make an application for review and the review process below.

Please note that it is not necessary to make an application for review to raise concerns you have regarding the operation of licensed premises. Before considering applying to the Board for review of a premises licence you should raise any such concerns you have by email with either the council's Licensing Standards Officer (opens new window) or Police Scotland Licensing (opens new window) or call the Police on 101.

More information on reviews is contained in section 5 of the .

Review proceedings can have serious consequences for both premises and personal licence holders in respect of their licences if grounds for review are established. The Board would recommend that any licence holder whose licence is subject to review obtains legal advice on the matter.