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Element (04): Business Classification

West Lothian Council have adapted the Local Government Functional Classification Scheme (LGFCS) as a basis to its business classification scheme.

The LGFCS is developed in a structure that supports the business activities of the authority. The LGFCS hierarchy is structured in three tiers:

  • Level 1: functions
  • Level 2: activities
  • Level 3: transactions

West Lothian Council have expanded upon this to include further levels (levels 4-6) detailing sub-groupings of record types and years. The deployment of ECM in the council has required that file plans are developed to accommodate strict security models, whilst facilitating information sharing, and the application of record disposals.

"Information Liaison Officers", "Local Records Officers" and "Objective Leads" are defined roles that manage and maintain local files plans for their respective service areas.

The LGFCS was developed by the Information & Records Management Society (IRMS). Details of the LGFCS can be viewed on their website: IRMS website (opens new window).