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Non material variation

For minor alterations to a planning permission which hasn't been implemented, and which don't in themselves require planning permission

If you have planning permission and you would like to change a minor detail of the consent we might be able to deal with it as a non-material variation. If it's dealt with in this way, there will be no neighbour notification.

The required fee for a non material variation application is £200. You can pay the fee online, by following the 'pay for a planning application online' link. 

Examples of non-material variations include a change of roof tiles or other materials, or a change in the dimensions of a window.

As well as the application form [54KB] you will also need to send us a copy of the drawings showing the amendment that you're proposing. If it's acceptable as a non-material variation, we will write to  you confirming that, and we will place a stamped copy of the drawings on the website. These drawings will then constitute the approved drawings for your planning consent. 

If the change you want to make is significant, particularly if it would have an impact on your neighbours, we will not be able to deal with as a non-material variation, but your change will instead need to be the subject of a planning application to amend your original consent. This is to let your neighbours know about any changes that might affect them, and give them the chance to object.