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A flue as part of a combined heat and power (CHP) system

A flue as part of a combined heat and power (CHP) system

You will not need planning permission for a flue which is part of a combined heat and power (CHP) system on a dwelling house or on a building containing a flat, if:

  • the flue protrudes by 1m or less above the highest part of the roof (excluding any chimney) on which it is fixed;
  • where the building is located within a conservation area, the equipment is not on a principal elevation of the building;
  • in the case of a CHP system fuelled by biomass sources, the flue would not be within an air quality management area. If it is in an air quality management area, planning permission will be required.

Please note that this only applies if the flue is part of a linked system providing heat and power. It does not apply to freestanding wood-burning stoves. There are dealt with under a different part of the permitted development rights..

Other important information

Regardless of whether or not you need planning permission, you might need a building warrant

It is strongly advised that before you install such equipment you contact our Environmental Health service, regarding statutory nuisance legislation, and for advice on air pollution generally. Your flue will generate smoke, which some people find offensive; we would advise you to speak to your neighbours about the proposed position of the flue before you carry out the work, and to position it as far away from your neighbours' windows as possible.