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Virgin Media Fibre Optic Broadband Works in West Lothian

Virgin Media are currently undertaking a programme of works to install fibre-optic equipment at a number of locations across West Lothian.

Please report any problems with the works directly to Virgin Media's dedicated Street Works Team on 0333 000 5925 (option 1) or email (opens new window) . NB This is not a freephone number - calls may be charged for. Please check with your phone provider.

You can check if you will be affected by searching for your street/road or postcode on the Scottish Road Works Commissioner's website (opens new window).

Find below some frequently asked questions and applicable answers:

Virgin Media have advised me that they propose to install apparatus in the service strip at the end of my garden. Can they do this?

Yes. Whilst service strips may appear on your Title Deeds, they form part of the road. As such, Statutory Undertakers, such as Virgin Media, can legitimately install their apparatus in service strips. However, we have emphasised the importance of these being re-instated sensitively.

My street is monoblocked. Will excavated areas be replaced with monoblock?

Yes. Statutory Undertakers, such as Virgin Media, are required to make permanent reinstatements on a like for like basis. They can make temporary reinstatements in dissimilar materials, but these must be permanently reinstated, using the same materials as existing, within 6 months.

My street is new/has been recently resurfaced. Will Virgin Media fully resurface the footway over its full width?

In most cases, no. The nationally agreed specifications do not require Statutory Undertakers to resurface a footway over its full width. They are only required to reinstate the area they have excavated. In the case of footways, the only exception to this is where the council have carried out substantial resurfacing works within the last 12 months.

Why are the council not supervising these works?

The council carry out sample inspections of all utility works. However, we do not have the resources to monitor every job at all times. Virgin Media have a dedicated Street Works Team that any problems should be reported to on 0333 000 5925 (option 1) or by emailing (opens new window)

Why have the council permitted these works to go ahead?

The council has a duty to coordinate roadworks, but does not directly control or authorise these works. Virgin Media are a Statutory Undertaker and are permitted under law to install apparatus in the public road.