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Markings, Signs and Traffic Calming Measures

The Roads & Transportation Projects Team is involved in providing a management and consultancy service in project design and scheme implementation for all new works on the public highway.

Road Casualty Reduction Programme 2021/22
Road Markings

The council continues its commitment to reduce road casualty accidents in West Lothian. 

This year's programme will provide measures at the following locations:

  • B8020 from A904 to Winchburgh
  • B7015 Gavieside Road junction with Happy Valley Road
  • A89 junction with the  roundabout at east access to Tesco Depot (westbound)
  • B7002 Whitburn Road, Bathgate junction A801 Boghead Roundabout
  • Howden East Road at the junction with Howden West Road, Livingston
  • Almondvale Boulevard at the junction with Terrace Roundabout
  • B792 Blackburn Road junction at Wester Inch Roundabout
  • A7066 junction A801 Boghead Roundabout
  • B7008 from West Calder to the A70
  • A803 Blackness Road junction M9 eastbound on-slip road
  • B8020 north Greendykes Road bend 370m east of junction with the U17
  • The A904 junction with the B8046
  • George Place junction with Union Road, Bathgate
  • B792 junction of Marjoribanks Street and Hopetoun Street, Bathgate