Local Government Election 2022 Results

The count for the election will take place at West Lothian College on Friday 6 May 2022. The results will be made available using the link above.

Recycling Downloadable Information

Some useful short videos which explain how recycling works and downloadable information leaflets.

Downloadable Information Leaflets

A range of leaflets are currently being developed to provide residents with information about the recycling services available in West Lothian. Please download the electronic versions below.

Information Videos

What Happens To Your Recycling? - Your Blue Bin Journey

What Goes In Your Blue Bin?

What Goes In Your Brown Bin?

What Goes In Your Grey Bin?

How To Recycle Your Takeaway Containers

Eliminating Problem Plastics - WRAP UK Plastics Pact

BBC Scotland - Why is recycling so confusing? 

Why is it important to recycle food waste?

Why are there different recycling collection types?

Recycling around the home

How are cans recycled?

How are cartons recycled?

How are electricals recycled?

How is food waste recycled?

How is garden waste recycled?

How is glass recycled?

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