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West Lothian Parent Forum

Information on West Lothian Parent Forum

Any parent or guardian with a child enrolled at a West Lothian Early Learning Centre, Primary or Secondary school can attend our West Lothian Parent Forum meetings. It is not restricted to Chairs or other elected members of Parent Councils and multiple parents from the same school can attend.

Our mission statement is to Improve our children's educational experience in schools across West Lothian.

Our aims are to work in partnership with West Lothian Council and other multi agency organisations to:

  • Share experiences, ideas and issues affecting educational issues across West Lothian

  • Help provide support and advice to Parent Councils within West Lothian

  • Address barriers that limit parental involvement and engagement

  • Promote parental best practices across all our West Lothian schools

  • Engage with the Council's parental involvement officer and Education Services

In addition, in order that Parental Involvement and engagement are fully reflected, the Chair of West Lothian Parent Forum represents views of parents from West Lothian schools on the Council's decision-making Education Executive and on both the Education Quality Assurance and Education Policy, Development and Scrutiny Panel Committees.

All of this, will SHAPE and promote parental awareness on local and national issues and help improve our children's educational experience.

Our ask is that parents support their child throughout their educational learning and one way to achieve this can be seen in the Secondary Showcases, Backup Your Child poster, an initiative created by Bathgate Academy Parent Council.

Please find below a link to Connect Scotland's commonly used list of Abbreviations and Acronyms used in Scottish Education.