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Energy Grants and Vouchers - FAQ

Frequently asked questions and answers regarding the West Lothian Council Fuel Grant and Fuel Bank Foundation vouchers.

WLC Energy Grants

Fuel Bank Foundation Vouchers

Digital Signature/Document Upload

To progress your application for the WLC Fuel Grant, we now need you to digitally sign a declaration and verify your bank details. You will receive two text messages from us with links to our Advice Portal. Please note that these links are unique to you and should not be shared with anybody else.


The first text message you will receive will ask you to click a link to access your documents for review/signing. Follow the below steps to sign-in and sign your declaration.

  1. Click on the link in the text message. This will open it up in your mobile browser.
  2. Enter your surname and then select your day (1-31) and month of birth (January-December)
  3. Under the header "Letters Awaiting your Signature", click on "WLC Fuel Grant - Declaration"
  4. Read over the declaration and ensure you understand and agree to the terms of the grant.
  5. In the grey 'Client Signature' box, use your finger on the screen to create your signature.
  6. Click 'Confirm Signature'

Verify Bank Details

To ensure we are paying the grant into an account owned by you, we need you to send us your bank details through our secure document upload portal. You will receive a second text message asking you to access this via the Advice Portal link.

We will accept the following as evidence of bank account ownership as long as it shows your name, account number and sort-code:

  • A photo of your bank card;
  • A screenshot from your online banking;
  • A photo of a paper statement or letter from your bank; or
  • A PDF of a digital statement

If you are already logged in from signing the declaration, you may not need to log-in again. Follow the below steps to verify your bank details:

  1. Underneath the 'Upload Your Documents' header, click 'Evidence of Bank Account'.
  2. Click on the 'click here to choose a file' button.
  3. Select the file containing your bank details (see above for what is accepted as bank details)
  4. The filename will now sit under 'Files to be Uploaded'. Click "Upload File" to complete this process.
  5. You will now be taken back to the home page where 'Evidence of Bank Account' is now marked green and awaiting checks. Please take this opportunity to read over the Privacy Notice also available from this screen

What happens next?

Once the declaration and bank details have been completed we will manually review these and contact you if there's any problems with the evidence. If there are no issues, we will send you a text message to confirm we have received the evidence and advise you on timescales for payment. Please note that we aim to review your evidence within 2 working days and that payment can take up to six working days thereafter.

If you have any issues or wish to speak to an advisor about any of the above, please contact us on 01506 283 000 option 4.

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