Local Government Election 2022 Results

The count for the election will take place at West Lothian College on Friday 6 May 2022. The results will be made available using the link above.

Council Structure

The council has a Chief Executive and three Depute Chief Executives. Each is responsible for service areas as shown:

Chief Executive

  • Head of Finance and Property Services -  Audit, Risk and Counter Fraud Unit, Revenues Unit, Property Management and Development, Financial Management Unit, The Advice Shop, Construction and Design

Depute Chief Executive (Education and Planning Services)

  • Head of Education (Learning, Policy and Resources) -  Additional Support Needs, Psychological Services, Pupil Placement, Youth Services, Adult Learning, Community Arts, Active Schools and Community Sport, Outdoor Learning, Instrumental Music Service, Developing the Young Workforce, Resources including school infrastructure, ICT for learning and teaching and business support to schools, Education Maintenance Allowance, free school meals, clothing grants and bursaries
  • Head of Education (Curriculum, Quality Improvement and Performance) - Education Quality Assurance (early learning, primary and secondary schools), School performance and improvement, 3/18 Curriculum, Professional learning for school staff, Child Protection service for schools, Parental Engagement, Home Education
  • Head of Planning, Economic Development and Regeneration - Environmental Health and Trading Standards, Development Planning, Environment Planning and Climate Change, Education Planning, Development Management, Building Standards, Economic Development, Community Regeneration and Employability, Community Planning

Depute Chief Executive (Corporate, Operational and Housing Services)

  • Head of Housing, Customer and Building Services - Housing Need, Housing Strategy, Housing Operations, Customer and Community Services, Performance and Change, Building Services
  • Head of Corporate Services - Corporate Communications, Civic Centre Admin, Performance & Improvement, HR Services, IT Services, Legal Services, Corporate Procurement
  • Head of Operational Services - Roads & Transportation, NETS, Land & Countryside Services, Recycling & Waste Services, Facilities Management/Inprint, Fleet & Community Transport, Public Transport

Depute Chief Executive (Health and Social Care Partnership)

(jointly responsible to Chief Executives of West Lothian Council and Lothian Health)

  • Head of Social Policy - Community Care, Criminal & Youth Justice, Children & Families, Health Improvement

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