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LED lighting programme saves over £2 million per year

The ambitious programme to change all of West Lothian street lighting to energy efficient LED is nearly complete.

07 November

Only around 1,200 of West Lothian's vast network of approximately 49,000 street lights remain to be changed to the new LED lanterns.

The new lamps have reduced energy consumption by over 65% since the replacement programme began in 2014, delivering annual electricity savings of over £2 million per annum as well as reducing in the council`s Co2 emissions of over 9,000 tonnes per annum.

These savings are being re-invested to protect essential council services, at a time when rising energy and other costs are adding additional challenges to already-stretched public sector budgets.

Head of Operational Services Jim Jack said:

"The replacement of the street lights with new energy efficient LED lanterns has been a hugely successful project.

"With rising energy costs, saving over £2 million per year will ensure that this money can be invested in protecting vital services at this difficult time.

"It has also delivered other benefits such as cutting our carbon emissions, helping reduce our impact on the environment.

"Thanks to everyone on the street lighting team who has been involved in delivering this superb project over the last decade."