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Get ready to cast your vote in the local government election

Voters will soon be going to the polls to elect the new West Lothian councillors. West Lothian voters will be asked to elect either three or four councillors for their local ward. There are nine wards in West Lothian with a total of 33 councillors to be elected.

27 April
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Registered voters will have already received their poll cards, detailing their local polling station.  Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday 5 May.

Voters are asked to be distance aware by being considerate of those around you. Additionally, it would be appreciated if voters wear a face covering when moving around the polling station.

You don't have to take your polling card with you to the polling station. There is no need for any form of identification. Taking your poll card might help staff identify you more quickly.

Once you have received your ballot paper, please follow the instructions on it carefully.

You will be asked to number the candidates in order of your choice. You should put a 1 in the box next to your first choice, a 2 in the box next to your second choice and so on. You can make as many or as few choices as you wish. Only numbers should be used, and any other marks on the ballot paper could mean your vote is not counted.

Replacement ballot papers are available from polling station staff if you make a mistake.

Single-use pencils will be provided. You can bring your own pen or pencil if you want.

Arrangements are available in the polling stations for voters who need help with reading the ballot paper or marking it.

Emergency proxy applications can be made in some circumstances, especially in relation to COVID isolation or medical advice.

Postal voters should have all received their ballot papers. Please carefully follow the instructions included and return your postal vote as soon as possible. It can be posted using the pre-paid envelope or handed in at West Lothian Civic Centre in Livingston. It can also be handed in at any polling station in the West Lothian Council area between 7 am and 10 pm on polling day. Replacements for lost or spoiled postal vote packs can be obtained until polling closes if required.

For more on the election please visit the West Lothian Council website.