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Adult Learning Friends (ALF)

Student committee

Originally setup in 1980, ALF is the name of our student committee.

Every student attending Adult Learning is a member of ALF and as such can join the committee.

They have an opportunity to take part in and contribute to all events or activities, the committee undertakes.

What we do:

Hold meetings giving students an opportunity to have a say in the service they receive from Adult Learning.

Help organise and run student events.

Manage and distribute funds for the benefit of Adult Learning students and the wider community.

Offer training to support student progress.

To find out more call Margaret on 07920756748

or email

ALF Meeting Calendar 2022 - 2023

For the coming year ALF meetings will be held in the
Jim Walker Bathgate Partnership Centre 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm.

Dates are as follows:

Monday Nov 28th 2022

Monday Jan 30th 2023

Monday Mar 27th 2023

Monday May 29th 2023

Monday Aug 28th 2023

If you require further information please call Margaret on 07920756748

or email

C/O Adult Learning
St David's House
20 South Bridge Street    
West Lothian EH48 1TJ