Local Government Election 2022 Results

The count for the election will take place at West Lothian College on Friday 6 May 2022. The results will be made available using the link above.

Reading, Writing & Numbers


 ClassificationSQA NumberLevelTitle
QualificationsNumeracyF3GJ 08L2Using Number - Time
QualificationsNumeracyF3GH 08 L2Using Number -  Money
QualificationsNumeracyF3GL 08L2Using Number - Measuring
QualificationsNumeracyF3GG 08L2Using Graphical Information
QualificationsNumeracyF3GL 09L3Using Number - Measuring
QualificationsNumeracyF3GK 09L3Using Number - Calculation
QualificationsNumeracyF3GG 09L3Using Graphical Information


QualificationsCommunicationF3GM 08L2Listening
QualificationsCommunicationF3GN 08L2Reading
QualificationsCommunicationF3GP 08L2Speaking
QualificationsCommunicationF3GR 08L2Writing
QualificationsCommunicationF3GM 09L3Listening
QualificationsCommunicationF3GN 09L3Reading
QualificationsCommunicationF3GP 09L3Speaking
QualificationsCommunicationF3GR 09L3Writing


QualificationsCore SkillsF3GD 08L2Problem Solving
QualificationsCore SkillsF3GD 09L3Problem Solving
QualificationsCore SkillsF3GE 08L2Working with Others
QualificationsCore SkillsF3GE 09L3Working with Others

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