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Flood prevention help offered to more West Lothian homes

Enhanced flood protection measures have been offered to 15 more homes in Broxburn.

18 November
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Homeowners in New Holygate and Parkwood Gardens have been contacted and offered support to protect their homes from potential flooding.

The council has committed up to £150,000 to be invested in specific measures to protect each home, such as flood doors, flood barriers, utility barriers, anti-flood airbricks, non-return valves, toilet bungs and submersible pumps. 

A number of these properties were badly affected by out-of-bank flows from the Brox Burn during the August 2008 event.  All 15 properties have been identified as at risk from small, frequent flood events, and studies suggest that property flood resilience measures are the most appropriate solution in these circumstances.  

Executive councillor for the environment Tom Conn said: "I'm delighted that the council is offering help to Broxburn residents in areas at risk of flooding to help protect their homes.

 "The measures being put forward represent a cost-effective way to help properties better withstand floods, with the council paying the cost of installing appropriate measures which would then be the homeowner's responsibility to maintain going forward.

"Where possible we will seek to introduce automatic products, so that protection is in place when residents are not home or otherwise unable to put out manual measures.  All properties will also be offered a free-of-charge subscription to the council's river level monitoring system, which provides text alerts when levels in the Brox Burn rise above pre-determined thresholds.

"We hope all the homeowners contacted will take up the offer, as it will offer them piece of mind for their home and could help prevent potential damage to their property and possessions."