Broxburn Gymnastics Club

We offer fun-filled gymnastics classes from the dance studio of Broxburn Academy with qualified coaches offering over 40 years experience. Come along, have fun & see what you can achieve!".

Broxburn Gymnastics Club description

We aim to give every child a chance to try gymnastics. All individual successes are celebrated by everyone in the club whether it be someone finally holding a balance which had been troubling them, winners of jumping competitions to achieving more difficult skills like a back walkover. Every one of our gymnasts understands that everyone is different and what they find easy or hard can be different to somebody else and that deserves just as much praise and celebration. We give every child we can a chance to take part in the club and we encourage them to try for individual goals which can help improve health, confidence and self-esteem.  

The children work towards the British Gymnastics Badge Scheme and can earn club certificates and medals along the way. Altogether our club helps improve the children's fitness, health, and well-being and we hope to continue to grow and improve in the future. 

Classes are on a Saturday morning between 11am and 1pm. For more information please contact us on Facebook or at

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