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(SG) Supplementary Guidance : Developer Obligations for General Infrastructure for Site Delivery (excluding transport and education infrastructure, cemetery and public art provision)

NB: This consultation is now closed.

It was agreed at a meeting of the Development and Transport Policy Development and Scrutiny Panel on 3 September 2019 to consult on new Supplementary Guidance regulating developer obligations for general infrastructure for site delivery (but excluding transport and education infrastructure, cemetery and public art provision as separate guidance on these subjects is being prepared).

Supplementary Guidance (SG) is produced by the council in order to explain how particular development plan policies should be applied in practice.

Policy 9 (Infrastructure) of the Strategic Development Plan (SDP) for Edinburgh and South East Scotland provides the strategic policy context for the securing of developer contributions towards infrastructure provision and Policy INF 1 (Infrastructure Provision and Developer Obligations) provides the LDP context.

In order to deliver the planned growth set out in the LDP, improvements to infrastructure must be delivered alongside development and the council is entitled to require developers to mitigate the impact of their development and to pay for, or contribute towards, improvements to infrastructure that arises as a direct consequence of the development, or from the cumulative impact of the development and which might not otherwise be needed.

The SG identifies the range of developer contributions which will be required to assist in delivery of the development strategy set out in the adopted West Lothian LDP and explains the process and mechanics of achieving this.

This SG has had regard to and is consistent with the most current Scottish Government policy guidance and the SDP and it has been produced with the intent of being adopted as statutory Supplementary Guidance (SG) in support of the West Lothian Local Development Plan.