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Is Your Money Safe?

Useful tips to make sure your money is safe


  • Shop with friends or family, there is safety in numbers.
  • Be extra careful with purses and wallets
  • Don't place your purse in a shopping trolley
  • Keep your wallet in an inside jacket pocket or a front pocket
  • Check your wallet before leaving each store to prevent leaving cards etc behind
  • Limit the amount of cash you carry
  • Only carry credit cards that you are going to use
  • Park in well lit populated areas when shopping at night

Protecting your Cards

Consider using a Security Wallet or Purse.   These have Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) blocking technology and prevents your cards from being 'skimmed', protecting your data information. It also helps your cards from bending or breaking whilst holding them securely.

 Using an ATM

  • Give other users space to enter their PIN in private
  • Be aware of your surroundings and who is around you
  • Do not accept assistance from "well-meaning" strangers
  • Never allow yourself to be distracted
  • Stand close to the cash machine and always shield the keypad to avoid anyone seeing you enter your PIN

Leaving the Machine

  • Put your money and card away before leaving the cash machine.
  • Avoid walking away from the machine with the money still in your hand.
  • If the cash machine does not return your card, report its loss immediately.

Shop Cash Handling Tips

There are particular times of the year which is usually a busy time for retailers and Police Scotland would like to remind you of some hints and tips to keep you, your staff, your business and cash safe.

The following tips are sound business practice to keep in place all year, but especially at busy times of the year when more money is in circulation.

These tips are simple to apply and should form part of a regular review of your business practices:

Cash register - Do and Don't


  • Regularly remove the excess cash from the register and lock it away.
  • Keep large denomination notes in the furthest compartment from customers to prevent a snatch and grab theft
  • Leave your register open at the end of the day, advertising the fact there's no cash kept on the premises
    Put a sign on your window saying that no cash, or only minimal cash is kept on the premises


  • count your cash where you are visible to your customers.  Consider a secure room if possible
  • take cash home.  It could put more than your business cash at risk!

Banking basics - Do and Don't


  • Mix up your banking routine
  • Have two people go to the bank together wherever possible and change around personnel.
  • Think about disguising your banking as shopping, in a handbag or satchel
  • Bank often to keep your cash holding low
  • Consider using a professional cash collection service if your business handles a large volume of cash


  • put your banking in a bank bag and walk out the door.
  • head to the bank with your business name tag on, aim to blend in with other shoppers