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Shed and Garden Safety

Keep your valuables safe.

Look out for opportunist thieves  -  Keep your valuable safe.

It is important to be careful and store securely your expensive garden equipment, bikes and other valuables.

Install as many security measures as required, depending on the content of your shed. The harder you can make a thief work, and the longer it takes them to break in, the more likely they are to give up.

Some Simple Tips

  • A key factor should be the location - can your shed be seen by passersby or neighbours?  If so, this will act as a deterrent.
  • If your shed has a window - cover it up / obscure the view or blank it out.
  • You can also use 'spray on' glass frosting, stick-on film sheets or replacing the original windows with opaque glass.
  • When a car is parked in the driveway next to the shed, the door can't be opened, providing extra security.
  • Think about installing a shed alarm - a good one would have a movement sensor with a door trigger.
  • Secure your valuable items inside so they cannot just be lifted out.
  • A security light fitted with a movement sensor can also be a deterrent.
  • Toughen up the hinges-choose one with a hinged cover for securing or take out the screws, replace the screws with nuts and bolts.  Then you need to make sure thieves can't simply unscrew the bolts. Simply added a drop of superglue where the shaft of each bolt meets the nut. - Other options include using Allen key bolts and hammering ball bearings into the end so they can't be unscrewed, or using one way security screws.
  • Add hasps and closed shackle padlocks - fit at least one hasp with a decent padlock. There is always a trade-off between increasing security and making it obvious you've got something to hide.
  • Consider using  Bike Register (opens new window) which is a free service and available on line. It is a secure by design feature supported by the police.
  • Make sure you have noted details of your items in the shed especially if there are serial numbers and distinguishing features.  Should your items get stolen, they may be identified by this information and returned to you if recovered.