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Armed Forces Covenant Fund

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund was established to support the Community Covenant and to fund local projects that bring together the civilian and armed forces communities.

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Applying to the Covenant Fund

Thank you for your interest in the Covenant Fund. There are 2 application routes:

  • small grants for funding applications up to £20,000; and
  • large grants for applications between £20,001 and £500,000

If you are thinking of applying, do make sure you read and understand the information on the Covenant Fund grant guidance (opens new window), as this will help you to decide if your project is eligible and meets our criteria.

Funding is limited, so we will only be able to fund the very best projects. As this is the first year of an enduring fund, there will be plenty of opportunity to apply in the coming months and years if your project is not quite ready yet.

The application forms are online surveys. You should refer to the relevant small or large grants on How to apply for a Covenant Fund grant (opens new window), as you complete your application to ensure you give yourself the best chance of success. If you would like to see a list of the questions asked on each of the forms, you can find them on the How to apply for a Covenant Fund grant (opens new window).

For applications up to £20,000:

For applications between £20,001 and £500,000, please use:

  • the deadline has now passed and we cannot accept any more applications; the large grants programme will reopen for applications next year with revised priorities and guidance. This year's guidance and list of questions are still available on the How to apply for a Covenant Fund grant (opens new window), for information
  • if you have submitted an application for the deadline, thank you and unless your project is ineligible or incomplete, we will now not contact you until decisions have been made in late November

Contact us

If you have any queries that are not covered by the guidance or 'frequently asked questions', then do please contact us by email at

More comprehensive information, examples of successful bids and an application form can be found at the dedicated Community Covenant Grant Scheme web site (opens new window), or for applicants with projects based in West Lothian you can contact: